Diren Collection Cabernet Sauvignon 2019

10,79€ from Şarap online

Rested in steel tanks, this Turkish Cabernet Sauvignon has 14 degrees of alcohol which is not that much for Turkish standards.

The grape here comes from the Denizli region. It’s a rather warm climate so I was not surprised to smell some jammy black cherry aromas as well as black currant and black berries. This full bodied wine has strong tannins and medium acidity. It’s very juicy with, again, some jammy notes on the palate. You can add some liquorice and some cedar to the high fruitiness.

The finish is juicy and peppery. It’s quite nice, easy to drink in an enjoyable way. 7,75/10

It will go nicely with some grilled red meat.

You can find this wine and more Turkish wines here

Among Turkish wine lovers, who knows what the symbols on the rather new label mean? I know the deer means fruitiness. What do you know?😜

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  1. Ralph Bechara says:

    Quiconque est soif, voilà un remède (avec modération). Est ce que j’ai compris ?


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