Doluca Karma Shiraz Boğazkere 2017

16€ in Germany

Around 20 years ago Doluca winery created the Karma line to show how well Turkish and international varieties could blend. We will see two of them.

Today we’re tasting the Shiraz Boğazkere.

The Shiraz grapes come from specific vineyards in the Denizli region while the Boğazkere has been grown in Diyarbakir in eastern Turkey.

This union is quite a good match. I was expecting something more rough and tannic though.

On the nose, you’ve got aromas of red and black fruits, black raspberries, strawberries, cherries, violets and cloves. You can add some peppery notes as well.

This wine was aged in 225 litre French and American new oak barrels.

This is why you can find those particular notes of vanilla, coffee and chocolate.

It’s surprisingly lighter than expected and very round and fruity with flavours of blueberry and plum.

The finish is delicately fruity and spicy but not very persistant.

It should pair well with some lamb chops for example. 7,75/10

You can find this wine here

My next post will be a tasting of another Karma blend, the only white one – Chardonnay Narince – and I must say it’s a big crush. Don’t miss it!

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