Doluca Karma Chardonnay Narince 2018

16€ in Germany

I had heard about the Karma line made by Doluca.
I have to admit I don’t trust a lot the big wine companies.
This wine is a big surprise! A very good one.
There are a lot of blends made of Chardonnay and Narince, two white varieties, a French one and a Turkish one. They’re both very versatile in style from aromatic and steely when aged in stainless steel to complex and creamy when aged in oak.
The Chardonnay here comes from the Denizli region (Aegean region) and the Narince comes from Tokat, its native region.
On the nose this wine has aromas of apple, quince, nutmeg and brioche as well as some white flower and spicy (vanilla) notes. It’s a powerful and aromatic nose. Maturation took place in French and American oak for 12 months.
You can feel it in the elegant and slightly creamy style. Acidity is high in a good harmony with its fruity character.
Flavours are complex and layered with herbal notes, citrus and apricot and a white pepper spicy finish.
A very good wine! 8,75/10

You can find this wine here

For our next tastings we’ll try two wines of Doluca’s Toğru series

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