Pamukkale Artı Cabernet Franc 2019

125 TL at Mensis Mahzen

The only labels I drink made by Pamukkale winery are Artı and Nodus. The rest is not for me. I loved all the Artı I tried so far but among the Nodus line I prefer the whites.

As some of you know, Pamukkale winery is one the biggest in Turkey, founded in 1962.

They produce today more than 3,5 million litres of wine per year. They cultivate not only their own grapes, they also source grapes from every corner of Turkey.

Let’s taste this Cabernet Franc which I acquired at Mensis Mahzen :

This Cabernet Franc comes from Güney Plateau in the Denizli region. At an altitude of 800 metres in average the climate is quite continental with a high amplitude of temperatures. Winter are cold and can be snowy.

That’s I felt with this wine which reminded me of some Cabernet francs I had from the Loire Valley.

On the nose you’ve got aromas of soir cherries, raspberry gem and roasted red pepper.

The palate has a quite high acidity with medium low tannins.

There are flavours of tart fruit, roasted jalapeño, smoky tomato and sweet pepper.

It needs some time and aeration to get rid of this spicy acidity.

The texture is quite velvety. That’s nice.

This wine was aged for 16 months in French oak barrels before bottling, hence the flavours of bitter sweet chocolate and baking spices.

The finish is rather long and fruity with hints of dried fruits.

Not my favourite from the Artı series but not bad.


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