Çakır Somnium Premium Chardonnay 2019

230 TL

I found out about this winery during our holidays in Bodrum. It’s good to know there’s a new addition to the wineries of Urla wine route. Urla, what a wonderful place!!!

So it’s a family business which launched its first vintage only a year ago.

Somnium is their first label. Now they have two more : Adventum and Yarımdalı.

I’d love to try them all but you won’t find them in Germany unfortunately.

So let’s taste this Chardonnay :

I like the nose. It’s very rich, powerful with aromas of yeast, green apple, peach, apricot and exotic fruits. There are some herbal notes as well.

You won’t be surprised when I tell you this wine laid on its lees and was aged 4 months in oak barrels.

It’s very well balanced, slightly creamy.

It has herbaceous notes again on the palate with a certain bitterness.

I detected some flavours of kiwi and vanilla.

Not bad. Not sure it should cost 230 TL.


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