Paşaeli Kaynaklar 2013

 31,95€ (

174TL iyisarap

I’ve tasted many Paşaeli wines but I was always more interested in local grapes than French varieties until I tried the K2.

This Bordeaux blend is hit in Turkey and abroad as well and it deserves it.

The blend will taste today comes from the same vineyard in Serez (Burcu Kaynaklar district near Izmir) and is made of about the same proportion of French grape varieties : Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Petit Verdot. What makes the difference in taste and price is the time dedicated to ageing : 24 months in French oak barrels and 12 months in the bottle.

The small vineyard of Kaynaklar (4 ha) was planted with French grapes 20 years ago. Its altitude of 235 m ensures some differences in temperature which allows a good acidity. The red soils are made of stones, gravels and clay.

Looks like pretty good conditions to make a good Bordeaux style red blend!

Let’s taste it now :

Such a deep dark purple colour!

The nose is a bit closed at first. You should pour it in a carafe. After an hour or so the wine started to exhibit subtle aromas of dark fruits like cassis, black raspberries, plums as well as notes of smoke, embers, coffee and wet gravel. There were also hints of dried fruits and violets. Eventually this wine displays a deep and complex bouquet.

The palate confirms the depth and intensity felt before. It’s very concentrated with a ripe fruitiness and dense black tannins. It’s firm, tough, solid yet lightened by a acidity. The texture is compact, chewy yet very polished, refined and elegant. Flavours are layered with dark, currant fruits, smoky and earthy notes, dark chocolate and spices.

The finish is long, kind of sweet and dark.

A very good wine, intense and firm. 8,75/10

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