Doluca Sarafin 2015 Füme Blanc

Points : 7/10

Price : 85 TL

Sarafin : a quite good wine serie made by Doluca winery that doesn’t take much risk, sells enjoyable wine of above than average quality both in red and white wine. Usually a bit expensive for what you get. Now there is for me one exception : Sarafin Fume Blanc 2015. A pale golden wine with a buttery taste like a Bourgogne but don’t make any mistake, it’s a Sauvignon Blanc. The nose is full of gourmandise : pineapple, lychee, nuts and smoke flavours! The wine has a good acidity and reveals when in the mouth and a bit warmer some tastes of apricot, mint and grilled toast. The finale is surprisingly long. It will be perfect as an aperitif or with grilled salmon. Don’t try it with artichokes like I did… with this astringent vegetable, have a Riesling from Chamlija!!! The fish we had was a succulent sea bream cooked by my beloved wife!😘


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