Points : 7,5/10

price : 90 TL

Chamlija Felix Culpa “Mutlu hata” Pinot Noir 2014 : when mistakes do great things (Latin Felix Culpa and Turkish Mutlu Hata both mean “happy mistake”).

As a matter of fact, Chamlija has another Pinot Noir. Still this one has something special. This is the result of an experiment when the wine was left less unfiltered. It didn’t spoil it but created this fruity and slightly oaky wine.

I must say I don’t usually like the taste of oak. Yet here it’s remarkably balanced with some herbal and spiced flavours. Red fruits are predominant with notes of strawberry, wild strawberry and raspberry. The finish is medium and surprising with notes of cassis, meat juice and cinnamon. A very juicy wine indeed!!! Would be nicely paired with a lamb tajine or some roasted duck. Yummy!


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