Vinolus Roussanne 2016

Points : 9/10

Price : 125 TL

Roussanne is a particularly refined grape that gives elegant, complex and aromatic wines and Vinolus is one of the few Turkish wineries to cultivate this grape.

When I found this bottle at Suvla boutique in Kanyon, I realised how lucky I was as it is almost impossible to find white Vinolus in Istanbul. Reds though are easily found at Carrefour Gourmet.

This Turkish Roussanne has a well-marked herbal nose (chamomile, narcissus) as well as honey and apricot aromas.

It’s a full-bodied white wine with a rich texture and a good acidity, characterised by flavours of herbal tea , apricot and pear. The finish is long with hints of honeysuckle and a slightly salty note.

A fantastic wine which is definitely worth its price.

I think it’s one of the best Turkish white wine that I’ve tasted this year.

Roussanne wine pairs well with many types of seafood: shellfish dishes, oysters. It also goes well with cheeses, white meat or smoked fish.

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