Mozaik Winery, Mahrem Ekigaina 2011

Points : 7,5/10

Price : 120 TL Vinus shop.

This is my first bottle of wine from Mozaik, a quite new winery situated close to the Aegean Sea. Their facility is brand new with a state of the art production site. They hired the services of an Italian team of wine advisers.

They produce only red wine from international sorts of grapes only.

Among them there is Ekigaina (in basque, it means “the quintessence of the sun”) which is a hybrid grape between Cabernet Sauvignon and Tannat.

Mozaik is definitely not afraid of experimenting.

Let’s taste it together :

On the nose, fresh black fruit aromas (cassis, blackberry, black currant, prune), coffee, oak, spices and some herbal notes.

It’s medium full bodied, fruity, highly acidic with firm tannins.

Flavours on the palate : Raspberry, cranberry, fig, balsamic notes, also moss notes. A medium long finish.

Quite interesting indeed. Very smooth.

A bit expensive for what you get.

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