Buradan Şirin Grenache roze 2017

Points : 8,5/10

Price : 120 TL at La Cave… yes, I know, it’s a bit too much even though it’s a kind of gastronomic rosé…

It must be the only 100% Grenache rosé ofTurkey. It has such interesting flavours.

On the nose it’s very fruity with aromas of citrus and red berries.

Once on the palate, it’s quite incredible and original in taste.

At first, there are lots of fruits and berries like red currant, strawberry, raspberry but also black cherry and blackberry. I also noticed flavours of white flowers, moka and white pepper.

Now what astonished me is this flavour I couldn’t put a word upon. It’s iodine.

Well, the Aegean Sea is not far so maybe it’s not that surprising.

It’s a very fresh and generous wine with a persistant finish.

The colour is also amazing.

It’s not my usual kind of rosé but I really liked it.

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