Urla Nero d’Avola Urla Karası 2017

Points : 8,5/10

Price : around 140 TL

After my visit at Urla winery in July, I must say I was impressed. That’s a big and beautiful winery. You can see it’s a business of course but they still manage to produce wine with personality.

They started with French grapes, went on with Italian grapes and then innovated by making beautiful blends of almost disappeared, local Turkish grapes.

The better example of this certainly is this blend of Nero d’Avola with Urla Karası.

This wine has intense black fruit aromas, black cherry, plum and black mulberry.

It’s full bodied with high tannins, rich and complex, fleshy and concentrated.

It advances into complex layers of tobacco, chocolate, liquorice, earthy and gamey frames with vanilla and sweet spices.


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