Sevilen Innocent Angel 2019

Sauvignon Blanc – Syrah

Points : 9,25/10

Price : 135 TL at Vinus wine shop

When I saw the name “innocent angel”, the colour and the style of the label, I immediately thought about the famous “whispering angel” from Sasha Lichine in Provence which is everywhere in the world, in every duty free, high end supermarkets and restaurants.

And I thought : is Sevilen trying to compete with a big star like this one?

The blend though is different : a mix of a white and a red grape. Now I’m sceptical … well let’s see!

The nose is very fresh and clean. You have aromas of red berries, cherries but also citrus notes as well as hints of freshly cut grass. Lots of freshness and intensity on the nose, that’s really what I seek for in a rosé.

In the mouth, it’s fruity with a mineral kick. Very well structured. Lees give some smoky notes and some slightly creamy texture. Acidity is medium high.

It’s very layered with refreshingly tart red currant fruit, then strawberry, blueberry, vanilla, then green apple, lime, citrus. And finally garrigue, white pepper and earthiness in a long and bright persistent finish.

I think Sevilen achieved its goal here without saying it loud : to have a high class rosé on the level of the top Provençal ones. Hence the price…

Ellerinize sağlık! Tebrikler! As a french guy in love with french rosés from Provence, I can say this is one of the best rosés of Turkey (maybe even the best).

Oh I almost forgot to tell you about the cork! It’s a glass cork! The first I see on a bottle of Turkish wine! And I opened at least 400/500 of them…

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