Gürbüz Cabernet Franc 2018

Points : 8,5/10

Price : 390 TL at Mürver restaurant

150 TL at Eylem Kurt Şarap Premium

Sold out at the winery

I had heard about this wine for a while but a dinner last Friday at Mürver restaurant in Karaköy, Istanbul, was the perfect occasion to taste it.

This wine rested 13 months in new oak.

On the nose, it’s full of black fruits (blackberry, black currant, plum and black raspberry), wild strawberry, rose, roasted pepper, green pepper and cocoa.

It’s a very delicate wine, medium bodied, fruity, with soft tannins and high acidity. It’s very well balanced.

On the palate, I’ve felt again the black fruits, the wild strawberry, the peppery notes but also dried tomatoes and tobacco.

It’s such a juicy, silky wine with a lot freshness.

This wine can pair with a lot of meals like the octopus, liver lamb and crispy slow cooked lamb we had that night. It even tolerates well a mild spicy dish.

Serve it very slightly chilly like they did at Mürver.

A big crush this wine! Enjoy!

Ellerinize sağlık Akın’Bey!

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