Argos Bağları Nahita Dokya Emir 2019


I’ve been very pleased by this wine.
It’s made by Argos winery in Cappadocia, central Anatolia.
I had already had a bottle of Emir made by Argos winery, serie Gilamada.
It’s a bit confusing. It seems as if there are Two Argos wineries…
I drank the Argos Nahita Dokya Emir at Lacivert restaurant in Bodrum.
They advised me to try this wine and when I saw the name I thought it was the Argos tried but no.
They said it was their own winery. Lacivert’s winery? Well, in fact Lacivert is owned by Doğuş group, a very famous and successful Turkish company which possesses many hotels, restaurants and has a special branch for tourism, catering and beverages.
From the label behind the bottle I learned they worked on this with Kavaklidere winery – one of the biggest in Turkey.
Now let’s talk about this wine!
Nahita is the ancient name for Ni̇ğde, a touristic town in Cappadocia.
The Emir grapes grow in this region with volcanic soils made of calcareous clay and tuff.
The vines are located on an altitude of 1000 metres. There’s a quite extreme microclimate here with very cold nights and hot days.
The vinification process goes through a cold fermentation and a limited filtration.
This wine is totally unoaked.
On the nose you’ve got aromas of golden apple, ripe pear, orange flower, lime and some herbal notes. Some stony minerality as well.
The palate is very slightly off dry, medium bodied with a searing acidity and mineral character. It’s very fresh and pure.
It’s very concentrated and well balanced.
You’ve got flavours of apple, peach, lime, orange flower, bitter almond and dill.
The finish is long and refreshing.
This wine is a beautiful surprise. It’s great that some winemakers can raise a table grape like Emir to such a level.

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  1. Ralph Bechara says:

    Good to add also that emir means in Arabic and Turkish : PRINCE.
    Anyway Wine is a Royal drink 🙂

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