Urla Vourla 2019(Boğazkere, Merlot, Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon)

Around 20€ at İstanbul airport

I drank this Urla Vourla many times but never could resolve myself to write a post about this wine.
Like it was too mainstream, too present on so many wine lists in Turkey.
I will repair this injustice right away.

First the bottle. What do you think of the drawing on it? Is it a fingerprint or something else?

Now the blend. 2 classic French grapes perfectly blended with the local Boğazkere and a dash of Syrah!
Grown in Urla on calcareous clay soils and aged in French oak for 10 months.

The nose is spicy and warm with aromas of ripe black fruits (plum, black berries, black mulberries), cherry, hints of tobacco, milk chocolate, clove and some earthy notes.

The palate is very round with soft tannins and good structure. It’s velvety and full of energy. Again the ripe black fruits + vanilla and some sweet spices in the long finish.

You can’t go wrong with this wine. We purchased it at Istanbul airport and opened the bottle once in Frankfurt to forget how painful it was to leave Turkey.

So thank you Urla winery for easing the pain! 8,5/10

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  1. Ralph Bechara says:

    It means when you swirl your wine, you get aromas that are typical to this special Wine i.e its fingerprint.


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