Kavaklidere Blanc de blancs brut 2015 Limited edition

Last Friday we celebrated the “world champagne day”. As I’m in Germany now, we did it with a wonderful Sekt (German sparkling wine).

Now let me tell you about Kavaklidere winery, one of the most Francophile of all Turkish wineries.

The Blanc de blancs I’m going to talk about was created especially for the 90 year anniversary of the foundation of the biggest and one of the oldest wineries in Turkey.

Founded in 1929, Kavaklidere winery had in 2016 vineyards on 7 locations with a total cultivated surface of 660ha and an average annual production of 7 million litres.

2 vineyards are Château-style with a cultivation and vinification made on site : Pendore – not far from Izmir and Côtes d’Avanos located in Cappadocia in the village of Yeşilyurt (near Nevşehir).

Côtes d’Avanos has an area of 180 ha at an altitude of 900-100 metres.

The soils are rich in calcareous clay and volcanic pebbles.

The big amplitude in temperatures between night and day allows the grape to ripen faster and retain the desired acidity.

Most white grapes are cultivated. Among them Chardonnay and Emir which are used for this Blanc de blancs (respectively 67% and 33%).

As you surely understood, this is a Champagne traditional method sparkling wine (second fermentation in the bottle).

It left on sediments for 31 months.

No dosage.

Only 3094 bottles were produced!

Now let’s describe this beauty!

It has a light golden yellow colour and the bubbles are bustling.

The nose has aromas of ripe apples and pear, notes of lemon curd and some hints of brioche. It’s very seducing and elegant.

The palate confirms the elegant character of this vintage 2015. It’s creamy and lively.

There are flavours of citrus, pear and hazelnuts.

The finish is fresh and persistent. 9/10

Yes, it costed 50€ but it’s not a rip-off. It’s a very classy champagne. I really liked it!!!

Ellerinize sağlık Kavaklidere winery!

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