Likya Vineyards Boğazkere 2014

19,90€ in Germany 140TL in Turkey

Not far from Antalya Likya winery owns the Elmalı vineyard. It’s here at an altitude of 1100 metres that Boğazkere grapes are growing. At such a high level above the sea the difference of temperature between night and day is huge.

If viticulture is relatively new in this area, 4000 years ago people were already making wine.

Boğazkere is naturally associated to Cappadocia but it seems to develop well near the Mediterranean coast.

This bottle is a 2014 vintage and it’s a good thing as this grape is not called “throat’s burner” for nothing. Time has made it rounder as you will see.

Let’s start the tasting :

On the nose it’s fruity and fresh. You’ve got aromas of cherry, strawberry, plum, clove, sweet tobacco, fig and chocolate.

Very pleasant.

On the palate the texture is juicy, tannins are round, it’s very clean. It feels still very young but in a good way. It has a lively acidity. It’s medium bodied, with some slightly sweet taste.

I’ve found flavours of red berries like sour cherry, raspberry, strawberry but also notes of chocolate again, some hints of cinnamon and also some dried fruits.

That’s a surprising Boğazkere, easy to drink on its own without blending it with an Öküzgözü. A very good surprise! 8,5/10

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