Likya Vineyards Öküzgözü 2019

19,90€ in Germany, 145TL in Turkey

Öküzgözü is THE most planted wine grape in Turkey. You can find it all over Turkey. This one comes from Likya’s Elmalı vineyard too.

I was wondering what to drink with lamb chops and this Öküzgözü was just perfect.

On the nose it’s very fresh with aromas of forest red berries as well as some floral and earthy notes.

The texture is silky, it’s not too strong. The tannins are dense but remain soft. It has a lively acidity quite well balanced with the high fruitiness of the wine. I detected some notes of cherry, strawberry and prune with some hints of mint and thyme.

The long finish is mineral and spicy.

This wine definitely is a good companion for lamb. 8,25/10

I still have a bottle of Likya to open. This one is something special. We will discover a wine grape I’ve never heard about before : Fersun.

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